The Season of Us 


is a Heartfelt Musical Duo who play exclusively from a Conscious Loving Space. 

Stephanie Greivell performs on the Alto and C Foot Flute and composes. 

Bill Stanfield plays all Guitars (6 and 12 – Acoustic and Electric) and composes. 

The music incorporates a madrid of musical styles such as: Light Latin Spices, Bossa Nova Blends, & Jazz Colorings. Our Infectious Ambient Grooves can't help but stimulate your spirit and touch you at a Deep Soul Level. If you allow yourself to be taken, these gentle harmonies and flowing rhythms will open your heart to experience yourself and your life in a new and different way. 

“A Splendid Time is Guaranteed for All”. 

They travel throughout California sharing their music on a “grass roots level” at Art Shows, Farmers Markets, City Events, Malls, Airports and Private Events. 

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